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I want to be a sponsor 

Let me be the first to say, "You're awesome!"
How do I become a sponsor?
  • As a sponsor, we would like you to provide trashbags and if you are near the lake, a place to collect the trash at the end of the day. 

  • Provide us with a hashtag for participants to use to recognize your involvement

  • Check posted pics with your hashtags and randomly select pics to award prizes to that you are providing, preferrably local participants that you will see that day.

  • We will provide you with a digital file of the flyer with space for you to add your info and hashtags, you can then print them out as you need them.

  • As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to have your hashtag on the back of the official Lake Love shirt. For $150 your hashtag is on the back of the shirt AND you will receive 18 tshirts for you to do whatever you want with. You can keep them for yourself, keep them for your staff, give them away or sell them in your shop. they are your shirts. Additional shirts may be purchased in $100 increments. Each $100 = 18 shirts (3-XL, 6-L, 6-m, 3-S) To order shirts, click here.

  • Email me to let me know you are on board. I will update the website with your info and announce your involvement on social media.

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