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Bags for Swag 

The primary goal is to get out there and make our watery playgrounds more beautiful. Why not have a little fun and throw in the possibility of some free swag in while we are doing it? Sponsors have agreed to put up some prizes for randomly selected photos that use their hashtag. 

Where do I go?

Contact your local marina or boat dealer and ask them if they are involved with the national Lake Love campaign. If they are.... great! The chances of getting free stuf is better when you are working with your local sponsor.


If not, encourage them to check out this website and click on "I want to be a sponsor".


If you have no local sponsors, congratulations, you get to show how awesome you are by doing your own thing, collecting trash and posting about it! Don't forget to hashtag! 

Do I need a boat?

No, in fact most trash will be collected along the shoreline. Make sure you wear clothes you can get dirty and plan on getting wet...duh. In the fall of the year, many lakes drop the water level making it easier to collect trash along the shore.

I collected trash, do I win something?

You have done something awesome for yourself and your community, you should be proud! No one is guaranteed to win anything. The selection process is totally random by whomever you hashtagged in your pic. Make your photo interesting so that it stands out among the others. If you would like a free Lake Love decal, hashtag #freedecal and you will get a free decal!

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